Junk E-mail

  1. What is Frontier's policy on unsolicited bulk e-mail?
  2. My spam looks like it came from Frontier
  3. Where do I report other types of abuse?
  4. What will you do about my complaint?
  5. Forged e-mail headers

  1. What is Frontier's policy on unsolicited bulk e-mail?

    Frontier prohibits its customers from sending unsolicited bulk email. Additionally, sending unsolicited bulk email from another provider advertising or implicating, directly or indirectly, the use of any service hosted or provided by us, is grounds for termination. Customers or users who send bulk email to "opt-in" lists must have a method of confirmation or verification of subscriptions and be able to show evidence of subscription for users who complain about receiving unsolicited email.

    For more information, please review Frontier's Residential AUP or Commercial AUP.

  2. What do I do if I get junk e-mail that appears to be sent by a Frontier customer?

    You may forward reports of Internet e-mail abuse involving Frontier customer accounts to abuse@frontiernet.net.

    When reporting junk, abusive, or unwanted e-mail from Frontier customers, please forward the full text of the message along with the full header information. Frontier is unable to process any complaints without complete contents.

  3. Where should I report other Frontier customer Internet abuse, such as Usenet and IRC misuse?"

    In order to serve the Internet community better, we have added mailboxes for specific issues.

  4. I have reported abuse to Frontier's Abuse Department, can you tell me what action was taken?

    For confidentiality reasons, we cannot disclose the status of accounts or any action related to accounts that have been reported.

  5. I've heard that spammers sometimes forge e-mail headers. What does that mean?

    E-mail headers are the portion of the mail message that contains technical information about the mail.

    This includes identification of the sender, the recipient, and the delivery path that the message took.

    The "Received" lines show the systems that the mail passed through to get to you.

    Generally speaking, the term "forged headers" refers to any attempt made by a junk e-mailer to disguise the information contained in the e-mail headers. By disguising the origin of the e-mail, it can make tracking down the true origin and reporting it to the right ISP difficult.